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First of all, thank you so much for writing fic for me. I'm sure I'm going to love whatever you write, and I hope you have fun with it. I don't know how much or little detail you're going to want from me, so I'm gonna try to put a few ideas out there for each of my requests. I'm totally not married to anything I suggest, take or leave what you will. I've also tried to outline a few general things below, to give you a better idea of what kind of fic I like.

So, general things. I adore happy endings and tend to like types of fic that would generally end happily (fluff, humor, crack, etc.). I don't mind some angst if it's resolved by the end, but I'd prefer not to have anything too dark. I love canon-based AUs, but am not so much into other types of AUs. I'm pretty easy on the rating scale; I'll happily read anything from the fluffiest gen fic to PWP, so go wherever you want with it.

Normally I don't bother with porn likes/dislikes, but I figured I'd list a few things out in case that's something you'd like to write. Anything that isn't on either list should be fine, too; I just can't list everything out, so am only doing the things I have strong feelings about. There's plenty else that I like as well and would be happy to read (and I feel like there should probably be other things on the likes list that I'm not remembering, so yeah).

Dislikes: BDSM, breathplay, scat, necrophilia, bestiality, anything to do with vomiting or blood, daddy kink, foot fetish, non-con

Likes: sex toys (like seriously, any kind that doesn't veer into BDSM territory), voyeurism/exhibitionism, medical kink, video/phone/cyber sex, masturbation

And with that, on to my requests!

Forever (TV)
Henry Morgan, Lucas Wahl

So, Forever. I was pretty sad when it got cancelled, especially since it seemed like they were just hitting their groove. I love that the heart of the show is Henry and his struggle to make connections with people, knowing as he does that they're going to grow old and die while he keeps living.

We've only gotten bits and pieces of Henry's past, but it seems that with a couple of exceptions, he's tried to keep from getting close to people, at least until now. I'd love to know why that's changing. I specifically requested Lucas here, because their relationship is kind of odd. It seems pretty clear that Lucas would like them to be friends, and even though Henry seems to protest that, he still remembers all kinds of things about Lucas, and neither of them seems to realize this.

As for things I'd like to see, them working cases together is always awesome, especially when they get in a groove and bounce things back and forth off each other. Any kind of situation that brings them closer together, especially if they're doing something relatively normal. Henry doesn't seem to do very much other than work, so I'd love to see what it would be like if they just hung out. We got a taste of it when Henry took Lucas to that club (though that was still working a case), and I'd love to see what it would be like if they were truly off-duty. Or really, I'd love to see Lucas' reaction if he found out Henry was effectively immortal. How would he take it, and how might it change their relationship, working and/or personal?

Richard, Jester (Steve)

Galavant is just such a weird show in general, which is one of its biggest draws for me. I love that they do things that are unexpected, be they plot points (I actually laughed pretty hard at the beginning of the first episode when it turned out Madalena decided she wanted to marry Richard and that the kidnapping wasn't so much a kidnapping) or relationships. Which brings me to Richard and the Jester (whom I'm just going to refer to as Steve now, because it feels weird not to use his name).

I loved that they had a storyline together, especially since it ended up having nothing to do with the fact that Madalena was cheating on Richard with Steve. I loved Richard being pretty much a total failure at humor but that Steve kept trying to help him anyway, partially in fear for his life, but by the end, I think at least partially because he ended up actually liking Richard.

I'd love to see something that goes off of that, with them spending time together and really becoming friends, especially once Steve stops sleeping with Madalena. Maybe Richard finds out he was put in the dungeon and lets him out, and they get closer from there. Or maybe at the end of the season Steve ends up going with Richard and Galavant when they leave?

Salem's Lot - Stephen King
Ben Mears, Mark Petrie

Salem's Lot is actually one of my favorite Stephen King novels, and a lot of that is because of the characters. I love how Jerusalem's Lot starts out as a sort of anonymous small town, but as the story progresses, the cracks start to show in the town and in the people. And even those who try to do good are brought down by their own weaknesses or the weaknesses of their friends and neighbors.

I totally love the way the book ends, with Ben and Mark making it out of Jerusalem's Lot and being forced to let the vampires take over but eventually coming back to try to kill them all. As far as things I'd like to see, Ben and Mark are away for a year before they return to Jerusalem's Lot. What were they doing in that time? Were they trying to lead a normal life, or was it spent more in preparation for returning to kill off the vampires? Or maybe, what happens after they return to Jerusalem's Lot? Do they eventually kill all the vampires, and if so, what do they make of their lives afterward? If not, do they go on trying, or do they eventually give up (or die, I'd be ok with it if you wanted to write that)?

I do ship them, but definitely don't feel like you need to write that; I know the age difference thing is not for everybody. If you feel so inclined, I'd love to read it, and I certainly have no problem if you want to age Mark up (though please don't age him down).

Time Lapse
Callie, Finn, Jasper

I was pretty surprised how much I ended up liking this movie. It's got an interesting premise (a machine that can show you what's going to happen a day into the future? Sign me up!), but I didn't expect to get quite so caught up in how everything was going to play out, especially once things started to go wrong. In general I'm not much into angst or unhappy endings, but this is one of those fandoms where I really don't mind it so much.

I wouldn't mind seeing fix-it fic, if you're so inclined, either where no one dies and they end up getting out of trouble and making the most of the ability to see into the future or where Callie manages to get the note to stay up in the window at the end and she gets a do-over. If you go that route, I'm fine with an unhappy ending because I'm not sure that she'd be able to fix things completely or keep hidden how she'd been manipulating things all along.

In a similar vein, I'd love to see more of what's going on with Callie through the events of the movie. Just how much is she manipulating the events? Like, was she the one who thought kissing Jasper in front of Finn was a good idea, or did she just take advantage of the way things were playing out anyway? It seems pretty clear that Jasper and Finn didn't know what she was doing, but were either one of them suspicious?

I do actually ship the three of them as an OT3, so if you feel like writing ship fic, I'd definitely love it. Maybe it turns out that Finn wasn't actually jealous of Callie and Jasper kissing, but more jealous that he wasn't in on it, too. Or maybe instead of basically pitting Finn and Jasper against each other, Callie finds a way to manipulate things in such a way that brings them all together.

I'm looking forward to reading whatever you write, because I'm sure it's going to be awesome. Please feel free to take or leave any of my suggestions as you see fit; fics from exchanges tend to come out so much better if you're writing something you want to write, not trying to fit it into anything I suggested. Have fun with it, and I'm sure I'll love it. :)


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